There will be three types of casting available:


CORE CAST. This is a major commitment. These leads will be unable to travel during interim term and should plan on being called for the majority of rehearsals starting in January. These roles include:​

  • Ozzie
  • Chip
  • Gabey
  • Ivy Smith
  • Hildy Esterhazy
  • Claire de Loone
  • Madame Dilly
  • Judge Pitkin- Possible Core Cast Ensemble as well
  • Lucy- Possible Core Cast Ensemble as well
  • Flossie- Core Cast Ensemble as well
  • Flossie’s Friend- Core Cast Ensemble as well
  • Mr. Uperman- Core Cast Ensemble as well
  • Waldo Figment- Core Cast Ensemble as well
  • Master of Ceremonies- Core Cast Ensemble as well
  • Navy Yard Workmen- Core Cast Ensemble
  • Diana Dream- Core Cast Ensemble as well
  • Miss Turnstiles Announcer- Core Cast Ensemble as well
  • Core Cast Ensemble


SUPPORTING CAST: This is a medium commitment. These roles will not start rehearsing until after Interim term and will require some rehearsals during the week and weekends.


ENSEMBLE CAST: This is a minimal commitment. These cast members will be required to attend two or three Sunday rehearsals and tech week.





1. Click here to fill out Audition form . You MUST use your email to access the form.


2. Click here to sign up for a vocal and dance audition slots. You MUST use your email to access the form.


Vocal Audition

1. All men should be prepared to sing "New York, New York"  and  all women should be prepared to sing "So Long Baby." Mp3 files of the song with a) the melody and b) just the accompaniment are available HERE. There is also downloadable sheet music available. Men: Please note that "New York, New York" has the option to be sung down the octave for the last two bars.


2. If you wish to audition for either a core or supporting role, you need to sing one other song:

Women need to sing "You Got Me."

Men need to sing "Lucky to be Me." Once again the files are located HERE.


Dance Audition

You need to sign up for a dance call. The dance will be taught during the audition and you will be asked to do it in groups. 

Optional Dance Workshops

To help you feel more comfortable with the dance portion of the audition we are offering two optional Dance Workshops on Wednesday, September 4th and Thursday, September 5th in the Dance Studio from 6:00-7:30.


These dance workshops are for YOU!! We are holding them for a few reasons:

1. So you are more comfortable with the dance steps you may  see at the auditions

2. We want to help you put any fear or angst you have about the dance audition aside. Hopefully, this will enable you to have fun and explore dance in a way that maybe you haven’t before.

3. We want to start building our community through some fun movement and laughter!


What to Wear to the Workshop:

1. Athletic wear you can move in such as: yoga pants, leggings, sweatpants, athletic shorts, with spandex shorts underneath, dance wear, and t-shirts that are Kinkaid approved.

2. For shoes:  you can wear dance shoes ( jazz sneakers, jazz shoes, ballet shoes) or dance in clean socks


Callbacks will take place on Sunday, September 8th. You will be contacted if you are being calledback. The material utilized for callbacks is available for your perusal HERE.


3. 9th and 10th Graders interested in participating in the 9th and 10th Grade Showcase must participate in the audition process. However, all interested students will be cast in the Showcase.





As the director of the On The Town this year I want to share with you a few guidelines that I feel are important about the casting process.

  • We are eager to hear and see what you, as an individual, have to offer. We are really cheering for you not judging you.


  • Casting is not political or personal, strictly talent driven.


  • Every Artistic Team looks for specific things, based on the show needs. This is a small list of what we might be looking for:
    • Does your voice blend and have the sound the show needs? A Rogers and Hammerstein musical will be looking for different vocal qualities than say American Idiot
    • Are you the right fit for the world of the play?
    • Can you move well, pick up combinations relatively quickly and show potential
    • Do you have positive energy?
    • Are you truly a “Team Player” who supports their peers and the production as a whole
    • Can you project and have good diction?
    • Are you physically committed to the moment?
    • Do you command space?


The above is a list of what we might be looking for and it is subject to change depending on our needs. So here is what you can do to have the best audition ever.

  • Control what you can control: Your Preparation
  • Be you. You are Your Best Asset. Never try to be any aspect of someone else. We are only interested in the pure YOU.
  • You will never understand exactly what the artistic team is looking for or needs. Don’t waste your time trying to figure it out, when you could be preparing.


You must remember Art is subjective so there will never be a complete list that is the end and be all to understanding casting. Though we hope this helps you out a little bit.


The Most Important Thing to Do: